• Lighthouse

    This piece was done in two parts. first we did the boat and then the client later decided maybe he needed some guidance so we put in a lighthouse.

  • Pin Up Nurse

  • skull rose

  • eyeball

  • Butterfly

  • Mic

  • Portrait

  • Jammin Zombie

  • Gremlin

  • Wolf Cover-up

  • Music Sleeve

  • T-Virus Vials

  • Sugar Skull

  • Joker

  • Lion

  • Hot Hands

  • Angel

  • Angel

  • Badge

  • The Nice One

  • Stone Cross

  • Shredded Skin

  • Lotus

  • Feeling Froggy

  • Old Hickory

  • Rose

  • Shoot to Kill

  • Skull

  • Flower

  • Fireman


I am the owner and artist at Above & Beyond Studio. I have been tattooing for seven years, all of which have been spent here in Quincy. If its a tattoo then I love doing it. Big tattoos, little tattoos, color, black and grey, portraits or cartoons, tattoos have been my life long obsession.